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@BAD Debt.....

can you get that pipe if you don't live in California? That looks like something I could do myself if needed, but I sure do hope it is NOT something I will do.


they are asking 19,900 and that checked out with KBB but I will negotiate with them.

So I talked to the dealer today (the salesman) and I asked about the software on the car and he gave me some story about they don't upgrade software on cars for no reason. I was reading if the software is upgraded you can enable the cd player to play MP3 and such. I think i will just go talk to the service department before hand.

Guys thanks for the information and please keep the information coming. I think I will ask them to put the car on a lift so I can look around for leaks.

Another bit of info, I asked about changing the spark plugs and he said those don't need to be done until 100,000 (15,000 miles from now) I think I will now insist that they do it. Also, the suggestion of having all fluids changed is a great idea.
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