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Exclamation 2008 M5 Transmission failure light fixxed!! ;-)

I bought a 2008 BMW m5 as my birthday gift in February and couple of weeks later I got a clutch fauliure light. Fortunately I had warranty through the dealer I bought the car from. They sent it to BMW dealer shop and I got a new clutch kit installed. The car ran great after that until last week when I was driving at about 40mph and got the infamous transmission fauilire light. It said to slow down and check engine. I pulled over and turned car off and back on and had no more Problems for couple of days. I was out on a date and right before dropping her off I got the light again this time I turned off the car but I would not turned back on. I read here on forums and around other sites that there could be several causes for that light. Well I decidedto take it in to BMW dealer in Plano Texas for service. The next morning my service adviser called me and told me about what was going on with my M5. He said I needed a new TCM transmission control module. I had seen that as a possible cause for my symptoms.. He said the price for the repair would be $6,200. I almost flipped in disbelieve and told him I was gonna think it over lunch and I would get back to him. I got online and forums here and was surprised when I saw the prices for the TCM being around $1,200 so I was wondering why BMW was telling me it would cost me 6,200 bucks to fix. Well I did not feel comfortable with BMW dealer anymore. I looked online and found a local BMW shop that only work on BMWs. I spoke to the gentleman over the phone and I felt he might give me a honest opinion of the car. He said he would send a tow truck and pick up my car from BMW in Plano and take it to his shop. Couple of hours later he called and inform me my car had arrived and he would take a look at it in the morning. Next morning I got a call from him and he informed me that my Hydralic fluid for the SMG transmission was low because a leak on one of bushing or some kind of small sealer. He said it would need to be sealed and rinse the Hydralic fluid and refilled. He also said the relay was bad and had to be replaced. He said with that the car would be up and running like a beast once again. He said he could have it ready by 3pm that same day. My total repair cost was $110.00 for the tow truck and $250 for the SMG Hydralic fluid job. He then said he was very surprised BMW had told me that the tcm was bad because that was very far from the actual problem... I have seen this same problem a whole lot online. If you have this infamous light PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT EVERY OPTION BEFORE YOU SPEND BIG BUCKS. I feel so lucky I save about$5,800 bucks by simple looking in this forums and getting a second opinion.

Thank to all
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