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We'll never know and we'll always wonder. The truth is, even with PEDs he's one of the greatest athletes ever. Though I certainly wish he wouldn't have the PED stigma attached to them. There is no easy way to handle this situation. Allowing PEDs sends a horrible message and will potentially lead to youth athletes already being shot up to "become a Pro." The health consequences could be devastating. Then there's the moral dilemma. If you shoot yourself up, is it really you doing well now or is it the drugs making you do well? I doubt the performance gain is tremendous, but it's a race of minutes over hundreds of miles. Any performance increase can help! If I started shooting PEDs would I suddenly be able to ride up the Pyrenees mountains? Doubtful.

So then how to deal with PEDs? I think continuing bans are good, particularly long term bans for proven deliberate offenders. You cannot simply institute lifetime bans, because sometimes people do indeed accidentally ingest something they shouldn't or weren't aware of.

It's a touchy subject and in the end, as an avid cyclist myself, I find no joy anymore in watching the Tour. As soon as the next person wins the doping allegations will come flying...
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