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I asked several times, several people, several ways... this same dealer confirmed that X1 ED does not come out of their dealer allocation and that ED never does. He just wants the MSRP profit since he views it as "you're getting a hot car - why should you pay any less than casual people paying MSRP here on the lot". This might be first gambit puffery, but it really rubbed me the wrong way. And it cost him an immediate turns-out-premature-for-me sale.

If it's going to look like an Audi A3 wagon, I might be forced to re-evaluate the A3 - where I'd get the superior mileage and torque and chipped turbo-kick of TDI diesel, along with the driving enthusiast fun of a real manual transmission.

This car seems to look totally different based on the angle of the shot. Here is another pic I used that tries to narrow down on its size and how it will look in parking lots:

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