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I had all the concerns you had before placing my order for an Xline for my wife. My ED pick up is early October and I can tell you from experience that X1 will come out of your dealer's allocation. Period! don't argue and just accept it as an iron clad fact. That doesn't mean you can't negotiate a little though. I got mine for $500 above ED invoice but that's because the dealer thought my ED order wasn't gonna come out of their allocation. I have an e-mail from BMWNA ED dept (Larissa) sent to my Rep regarding this fact. My dealer was gracious enough to proceed with my order knowing that they could of made more profit with their allocation.

Regarding the wagonish look of the X1, I was a little concerned as well. To minimize this, you can order Sapphire M-pack X1 to best conceal this wagon effect. The black rail + black rocker panel will add heft to the car. My X1 will have silver rocker that will make the car flatter like a wagon, but it was a compromise because my wife likes Terra leather. M-pack has no Jet black or Terra leather available.

I took a gamble without having seen an X1 in person, ever. I too think that the worst the car can look would be like an A3, in which I kind of like anyways.

Good luck with your soul search. Perhaps it would be wise for your to wait a couple of months before you place your order.
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