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Originally Posted by investor27 View Post
The A3 is great with respect of the TDI being available, but remember that it does NOT come with all-wheel-drive, which is what you wanted.
I've always been fine with FWD. I don't know if it's my driving style or tires (etc), but I frequently do better than many SUVs. One winter around Stratton on snowy roads, several SUVs with NY plates became incensed that I passed them (from VW? My "One less SUV" bumper sticker?) and aggressively and stupidly tried to keep up. I saw them in my rear view mirror sliding off the road into the ditches and trees. They were alright but cars dented up. You have to know your car and how it handles. Feel like many SUV drivers just 'assume' their car is good in snow. Anyway, I never drove an AWD car, so don't know what I'm gaining. The AWD X3 did seem to have vaguely better tire grip when cornering than I'm used to, but I couldn't give it a real track testing.

Also, I use my clutch quite a lot while driving in snow for the extra soft touch and control. I am a bit nervous switching to automatic transmission, where I'll lose that fine-tuned split-second driver control. I can feel the road and grip in my driver connection. I wondered at the time if those SUV drivers were simply removed from the road connection, where they couldn't feel their car's lack of grip on that icy hill stretch and thus were pushing their cars too hard. I could see their cars losing grip, yet strangely they did not.

Originally Posted by investor27 View Post
The X1 xDrive35i does come with a V6 Twin-scroll turbo engine, but it's mated to an electric power steering instead of a hydraulic power steering in the sDrive28i and xDrive28i.
That and the fact that N55 is not 8spd seems to be an odd choice for MSport. Wouldn't a MSport driver be wanting the hydraulic for the real 'feel the road' connection instead? Or do I have that backwards?

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