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Diesel gas prices here are higher as well. I still want a diesel X1 for higher mileage, but more importantly to me, for the higher torque curve.

Originally Posted by Teleskier View Post
It seems to me that for the past few years when I buy regular diesel around New England (MA, Cape Cod, VT, etc), that I am most often paying $0.70 over regular gas. More if you count all the discount gas stations which only seem to carry gas.

I know I am getting more mileage, but it's a constant source of irritation as I look at the prices above the pump and see how much less gassers are paying. Sometimes it wells up - still - 11+ years in - where I annoying grumble at the poor girl behind the register about "Why does lower-refined less-costly diesel cost so much more than gas, when diesel is so much cheaper than gas in Europe?"

It's a psychology thing. But also reeks of price fixing collusion. In years past we'd pay way more for diesel than gas in winter (competes with home heating oil, the expense of cutting winter diesel with kerosene, etc) but then somewhat made up for it in summer when gas prices rose and diesel was slightly less than gas for a while. Over the years that summer window shrunk shorter and shorter until it disappeared altogether.

I don't mind paying more for biodiesel, but paying more for regular lowest-grade-in-world US diesel really burns me. Every time I fill up.
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