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Originally Posted by Vortec4800 View Post
[...] read that my truck [...]
X3 is definitely NOT a truck.

A truck according to Merriam-Webster:
3: a wheeled vehicle for moving heavy articles: as
a : a strong horse-drawn or automotive vehicle (as a pickup) for hauling
b : a small barrow consisting of a rectangular frame having at one end a pair of handles and at the other end a pair of small heavy wheels and a projecting edge to slide under a load —called also hand truck
c : a small heavy rectangular frame supported on four wheels for moving heavy objects
d : a small flat-topped car pushed or pulled by hand
e : a shelved stand mounted on casters
f : an automotive vehicle with a short chassis equipped with a swivel for attaching a trailer and used especially for the highway hauling of freight; also : a truck with attached trailer
Please teach yourself not to use this word as a such an incorrect description.

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