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clunk between 1st and second

I have an '04 X3 3.0 automatic and at 1/5 throttle at around 10mph (1800 rpms) i get this clunking/shudder from underneath the car. I can't pinpoint exactly where but have to say it's more towards the front. I had the flex disc replaced with a genuine BMW one and it hasn't changed anything. The center bearing also looked fine. It's more noticeable in traffic because it only happens between first and second. If I go a little faster it's not as noticeable but happens quicker. It also doesn't happen when the car is cold.

I've been having a ton of acceleration issues with regards to pinging and hesitation so I have changed the plugs and the coilpacks, replaced my valve cover, reprogrammed at the dealer, cleaned the throttle body, cleaned the maf, checked intake boot for cracks, changed all four o2 sensors, and just put in some Lucas fuel conditioner but haven't completely solved the hesitation. These are the things I have done but my main issue is the clunk between first and second. Could this be related to the pinging hesitation? The pinging happens between 2500-4000 rpms. I'm suspecting the fuel injectors.
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