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I usually just park the cars end-to-end and my simple method is like this:

- I use a high pressure washer where I can add foaming soap in a separate tank. I spray, foam and spray once more in one operation. This removes a lot of dirt. The wheels are cleaned with an old wash-up brush, sometimes I use a special spray here if they are very dirty but usually this is not required.

- I also use the two bucket method, actually four buckets when I do both cars at the same time. Microfibre mitt for applying some good quality shampoo. This goes very fast because of the prep in step 1.

- After spraying once more with clean water I use a special silicone blade to remove the water (there are many pros and cons to using this but I have stuck with it - just make sure there is no dirt on the blade) and finally a microfibre cloth to soak up what little water is left.

This is actually done in just about 30 mins as long as I do it regularly. Add the time for hooking up the high pressure washer and of course everything takes longer time if the cars are very dirty.
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