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BMW admits ASS destroys your F30

I'm headed for Munich tomorrow to ED my MY12 ZSL 335i.

I stopped by a local dealer today while running errands to see if they had any F series key fobs (they didn't).

They only had one launch MY12 left -- an Alpine White ZML 328i.

I am excited, of course, about getting my car before the end of the week, so I sat for a moment in their take in the ambiance. :-)

Hmmm....looks like the printed owner's manual is in the glove box. Let's take a look. Wow! There's a Quick Reference booklet! Cool, I'll be able to read that the first night in the hotel instead of digesting the whole Owner's Manual...strange that this document isn't on in the "My Car" section of Owner's Manuals. Let's check out the index at the back to see what's in it. No index, but there's a an "Appendix" saying that any updates to the Owner's Manual can be found in this appendix.

Odd, there's an update about "Fuel consumption," reading, in part, "Certain vehicle components may experience additional wear as a result of this system."

Man, did they bury that! A hugely important disclosure concealed in an appendix of a shortened reference, designed to be used maybe once or twice. It's as if they didn't want anyone to see it -- but they covered themselves by printing the disclaimer somewhere. It's like all those footnotes about the wheels made of butter you see in the brochures; the have to disclose that BMW wheels and tires are pothole bait because if they don't, they'll get sued. (In Mass., everything BUT cars come with an implied warranty of merchantability. IOW, products have to be useful for their intended purpose. I wish this applied to BMW wheels and tires.)

You even have to know what "system" they are talking about because they don't even bother to name ASS in this "update." (Take a look for yourself; I took cellphone photos of the front and back covers and the appendix page of the guide.)

If ever there was a reason to code your F30 to remember the last position of ASS (I couldn't resist) or turn it off every time you start the car, this cryptic reference tucked away in an appendix of an obscure document is it. This is, I fear, deliberately designed to mislead consumers.

Shame on you, BMW.
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