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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus View Post
So, you want a diesel, all-wheel drive, manual-transmission, reasonably compact car/SUV? You *must be* European!
True... LOL! Or at least coastal blue-state US.

Originally Posted by iamthewalrus View Post
I live in a dense city, but I have an outdoorsy lifestyle where I regularly take my car off-roading on National Forest Service roads backpacking or x-country skiing. I only drive manual transmission cars and my car needs to be small enough to parallel park in Seattle and San Francisco. What does that leave me with?

VW Golf R: AWD, manual, sporty and reasonably priced. But low ground clearance and limited availability
VW GTI: Manual, sporty, and reasonably priced. But front-wheel drive and low ground clearance.
Audi A3: Quattro OR manual, but not both. Low ground clearance.
BMW X3: Auto only.
BMW X1: Auto only.
Audi Q5: Auto only.
Audi A4: Too big for the city.
BMW 3 series: Too big for the city.
Mini Countryman: I'm 6'2" 185lbs and I'm too tall. Doesn't fit enough gear for four people to go backpacking.

So, I'm keeping my 2006 BMW X3 3.0i manual, m-sport for as long as it will continue to run. There are simply no great options on the market today regardless of price.
I can't believe such people would be in such a minority here, but it is counter to the entrenched bigger is always better mentality.

You pretty much described all the vehicles I am likewise considering. I lept at the X1, hoping it would be the vehicle I've been patiently waiting years for as the "what car would I buy next?" choice.

Your 2006 X3 was also on my list... under the top two options of either "ED X1 for new, or American-made MT X3 for used." Now I might wait for the diesel... if my aging TDI can make it that long.

I've been trying to make the X1 fit... but am having my doubts.
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