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Originally Posted by BMWMAN33 View Post
I am looking at this very rare BMW x5. I think it may be a bit to much its 13,000. I thats alot to pay for a 6 year old truck I feel. But do you guys think its alot??? How do they drive???? are they alot to matine??? and most impornt how fast do they lose value. If I where to buy it, I would sell it in a year. Please help thank you.
Seriously?!? You are going to have to be a little more believeable than this my friend. These guys are trying to help you and you seem to have no basic knowledge about the vehicle itself.
You have to do research before asking questions because other forum members are not "there" to see the vehicle.
Just reading these posts easily show that these guys are
really trying to help, and you know nothing about it. And to help you out a bit, my 2002
X5 4.4i has 171,000 miles on it and doing fine. So it may not crack at 139.
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