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Extended Warranties: CPO vs Compass vs EasyCare

First time poster ... very useful site, appreciate all the enthusiasm of the regular posters. That said, I'm a little confused regarding extended warranty options.

I was told by my local BMW dealership that I may not be eligible for an extended warranty because my vehical has a branded title (in CA, I live in IL). I purchased the vehicle from a non-BMW affiliated dealer, knowing at the time of purchase of the issue on the title (original owner had to have service on the vehicle for the same issue 3 times in the same month).

So, I'm wondering if (1) the local dealer just doesn't want to offer me any extended warranty (their service department has been questionable over the past) and (2) if I'm better off going with a non-BMW warranty provider such as EasyCare or Compass?

For context, I have a 2008 X5, have had the vehicle for 2 years and have put <10k miles on it during that time (I just broke 20k miles).

Any advice? I've searched the forums, and there seems to be a consensus around going with a CPO extended warranty over a 3rd party product, but I haven't come across any posts regarding extended warranties and branded titles.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help ... this is a bit of a time-sensitive request (original manufacturer warranty expires in 4 weeks).
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