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Originally Posted by Teleskier View Post

OK, clearly I wanted to believe so badly, that I made up data to fit what I wanted things to be versus what they actually are (sort of like religion).

When I first saw this photo a while ago, before I saw many X1 photos... I convinced myself that the vehicle on the far left was the X1. It had a nice shape, was a nice size, had the tell-tale 2013 silver mid-frame highlight, and the X1 Y-spoke stock wheels.

However when I saw it again just now, I had a sinking feeling that the little bitty A3-like station wagony thing on the far left is the X1? Yes, it might only look that small next to the other cars. Will have to see it in real life.

Can anyone confirm that in the photo is pictured from left to right: the X5, X6, X3, and X1?
You are correct both times, far left is X1; from left to right: X1, X6, X5, X3
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