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Originally Posted by tagheuer View Post
drove a 2013 Audi Allroad loaner this afternoon (my buddy's Audi S8 is in the shop for an oil change).

Loved the Allroad...beautiful interior...aluminium everywhere. Aluminium push button start next to gear shift.

Dash angled towards driver. Very solid and tight, perfect fit and finish.

Handled quite well too, nearly as good as my 2009 328.

Should be a real competitor to the F31.
It's a bummer that the Allroad has entirely replaced the A4 avant, but it is *definitely* a looker.

I'd be concerned about Audi reliability much more so than BMW, but you can always buy new and ditch it when the warranty is up.. otherwise, I'd buy a used Audi as long as it saved me enough money to cover any possible costs

On the one hand, the A6 allroad was so cool, with its air suspension, 2.7T or V8, ... on the other hand, the air suspension AND the 2.7T were very trouble-prone.

The A4 allroad is more of a plastic-cladded version of 'the real deal' so I can see why the A6 Allroad people are completely unimpressed.. that said, I bet it'll sell like hotcakes.. and not many people need skidplates on their wagon.
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