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I agree with tmvE39/E53/Z32,, Before spending 13k i'd want to pull all the maint. info and carfax and any other history of this vehicle. Full vehicle inspection, drive the vehicle and simply take a look thorough inspection of the engine and body within the vehicle. hard to do when it's been wrecked once that you know of simply and possibly by the sellers word only? Lot's of stuff can be hidden from this wreck internally... How bad was it hit?

It seems your desperate to buy it rather then doing a complete and thoughtful full diagnosis and doing your "Homework" on it. I know I'd hate to just shell out 13k just on looks alone? based on very little information you provided this forum for "Honest" help in making your decission.

My suggestions are obvious as to others who replied.

1) Do you homework on the vehicle
2) Pull all maint. and service reports on the vehicle as well as a car fax (Look into any damage reports as to how sever it was or wasn't)

Based on placing your info to this forum and your responses, calculate and make your decision.

It seems foolish to give such little information on this vehicle you say is "Rare" but "Looks fantastic" and ask if you should buy it while your waiting for someone to say "YES!" without any real information you have given this Forum to help you in a "Real" decision without knowing the basic and hard acts of this vehicle while you just blow 13K on looks? Hookers are cheaper One may look great and your "Wowed" by her, but without a condom, the out come could be deadly later when diagnosed by your random picking Dr.

Food for thought! Looks can be deceiving without getting to know the vehicle better!


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