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Break-In Period for 328i?

Hi guys, I've heard mixed opinions on this break-in thing with bmw's. On one hand, I've heard you should play it safe and keep rpms below 4500, speed below 100, etc. On the other, people have told me that BMW engines are already heavily broken in at the factories and the break-in procedures in the manual are only there as precautions.

So I basically have 2 questions:

1) Are BMW engines somewhat broken in already in the factories?

2) Since I've only heard about breaking in a car recently, I think I may have "pushed" my car a little harder than I was supposed to in its first 300 miles or so, with possible, brief instances of going over 4500 rpm. Has there already been damage or is it not too late to let it heal?

Sorry if these questions sound noobish, I'm kind of new to all this haha.

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