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It's a great review, and it only cemented my choice for going with the xDrive28i instead of the xDrive35i. There was one thing that the reviewer said that wasn't right. The xDrive35i does NOT come with the Eco Pro Mode, which are only available to the N20 engine. The newer 8-speed automatic transmission and the Eco Pro Mode along with the lighter N20 engine are the reasons why I chose to order my car over the 35i.

In addition to the weight savings from the 4-cylinder engine over the 6-cylinder one, I got mine without the 2 sun-roofs and their power units (a weight savings of at least another 150 lbs), and no powered front seats (another 100 lbs lighter). That's at least 250 lbs lighter in options plus how many more pounds lighter the 4-cylinder engine and its turbo is compared to the 6-cylinder and its turbo.

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