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Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
For what it's worth, after 6 years and about 70k miles my E46 began blowing warm air/cool (but not cold) air from different vents. Multiple leaks were repaired ($1000+) and the system was fine for four more years at which point the symptoms returned. I went to a local mechanic who found the sytem to be very slightly below optimum charge. After a re-charge (total cost $100), it again blew cold air until traded a year later.

So I suspect AWCoupe should be OK for awhile.

Well, not that long of awhile. About 10 days ago I began to notice that the air just wasn't as frosty as it was when I had it recharged on June 1st. The blistering Northeast heat magnified the situation. Well seven weeks to the day of the recharge, I found myself back at the dealership this morning for more A/C service. It's blowing lukewarm air again. An obvious leak, right? After another evacuate and full recharge with dye injection to locate leaks, I'm being told they can't find any leaks. Really? Compressor checks out, etc. It is nice and frosty once again.
Dealership wants me back on August 14th for a re-check. They plan on keeping the car all day. Already have a loaner booked. Unhappy with the situation but pleased with the customer service. While I was there, my SA ordered a new cabin filter and the brake fluid flush, which was due in October. She is also getting me back in for the free annual oil change in September, which will be the last one of the freebies. The car comes off of the 4year/50k in October.
Keeping my fingers crossed and hope to have this issue resolved after the August appointment. If it continues to be a problem, the SA said A/C recharges are covered under the CPO, but I'd have to pay the diagnostic charge. We will see. This is my first BMW and I love how the car drives but this is my third warranty claim in the last three months. I've only owned the car since last November. Not a good omen.

Just a quick oh BTW, my 2002 Mustang GT that I bought brand new and still own has the original factory fill of refrigerant that left Dearborn, Michigan back in October of 2001. I've never had it serviced. Car has 140k on the clock. Turn on max A/C and you need to break out the hat and gloves. That car stickered for 23k. My 2009 BMW 328 coupe window sticker: 47k.(I bought the car CPO for 30k) Just sayin....
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