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Thanks for everyone who was able to make it out to me in San Jose during my trip up there. I always do enjoy coming up to norcal to do vinyl work and hang out in the city after work I had people from all over norcal come out to me, ranging from Berkeley, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Vallejo, Sacramento, and from other cities around in the area.

My schedule was completely packed/booked this trip up and I know there were several people's cars that I weren't able to schedule or get to, so I may be planning another trip up there sometime in August. Tentatively I will be there the 20th - 25th, but I may only be working during the weekdays, which would be the 20th - 24th. After this trip, I do not know when the next time I will be able to make it back up to norcal, as my schedule is going to be fairly busy for the next couple of months after this. I will create a new thread for my August trip, but if you interested in getting your car worked on, e-mail me ( to schedule/reserve an appointment slot/time. The sooner the better, as it is first come first serve.

There were a lot of cars that I worked on while up there, so it'll take a while for me to get around to being able to post pictures of all of them. The owner of this black Mercedes Benz E63 brought his car by to me to have me black out his chrome window trim with my gloss black vinyl material as well as lightly tint / smoke his head lights and tail lights. Took some up close pictures of the edges of the trim and lights to show the coverage and details for those who have asked or were interested in seeing more detailed pictures of my work. The tint / smoke film material that I use is fairly light, as to minimize the amount of light output that is reduced/decreased. It's also light enough where you should not get any hassle/issues from cops for them, as they almost resemble how a lot of factory tinted / smoked tail lights look now a days.



-Don Nguyen
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