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Now that you mention it...

Originally Posted by paperplane94 View Post
P.S. Is that a broken fan blade I see? You better replace that before it throws off your waterpump bearing. Should be 3 hex head screws on the front of the fan clutch. You may have to remove the shroud as well.
Hey Pape (may I call you Pape?),

Now that the mystery of the mysterious cable has been solved the broken-fan-blade-throwing-off-the-waterpump-bearing thing has me nervous. I just bought the car and the blade was part of the whole "as-is" deal. Would I feel a vibration or something if the bearing was blown? Would there be any collateral damage if this was the case, or would I simple be replacing the waterpump along with fan?

Feel free to scare the crap outta my wallet as you let me know that what's what.

'preciate it.

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