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03 Z4, couple of problems.


My Z4's been giving me a couple of issues as of late, and I was hoping some if you had some insight into the matters.

Firstly, my car has been having some performance issues. I only really notice this one when I downshift into 2nd (no other gear has done it) and accelerate. The car bogs for a slight moment before it begins reving up. It's only a couple fractions of a second, but it happens pretty frequently. Checked the spark plugs and coils, and all visually checked out. One thing of note is that the Coil in cylinder 2 is not the original, like the other 5, and a check engine light a bit ago noted a misfire in cylinder 2.

I tested the problem about a week ago and upon returning I noticed that my intake boot had a gaping hole in it. We replaced the part, and it ran significantly better, but the problem still remains, it's just not as bad.

I haven't ran it hard since replacing the intake boot, but before the car would seem to critically misfire in cylinder 2 with fuel cut off and go into limp mode.

Secondly, and this might be related to the first issue, but running the car around 75mph on the Highway, the car feels like the brakes are sticking on a bit for about 15 seconds, and then when I slow down the whole car starts shaking, I won't say uncontrollably, but rather violently, as if I had a flat tire without any pull to one side. Both times it's happened, I've pulled off the highway immediately, and when I get into the gas station, turn the car off to check things out to find nothing visually wrong, and turn the car back on again, the problem goes away.

I did recently get a new set of tires on the car, and I don't really trust the guys who did it (bunch of crack heads at a local tire shop. They even chipped my wheel and I made them buy me a new one.) so that may be related, but turning the car off and on shouldn't fix the problem if it was tire related.

Lastly, and this one just started about 30 minutes before writing this, my fan would turn itself on when I turned the car off. It wasn't on when I had the car on before, and it turned off when I turned the car back on. However turning the car off turned it back on again, so this leads me to believe it isn't a stuck relay or anything of that nature. It's only done it twice, and leaving the car running for a minute or two made the problem go away, at least for now.

My car's been relatively reliable for a foreign sports car (aside from a rain water leak that my incompetent dealer spent about 5 months messing around with), but this seems to have all hit at once.

The car has around 73k miles on it, and I don't really drive it that hard. Any insight would be much appreciated!

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