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2013 BMW M6 Review - Plenty of Power and Weight - But Does it Matter?

Ignition's Carlos Lago provide us with a well put together video review of the 2013 BMW M6 convertible. Having driven the M6 Convertible I agree with much of his assessment of the all new M6 convertible, up to a point. Yes the M6 convertible weights in at 4500lbs but it is a big car and more importantly it does not drive like it.

Mr. Lago misses this point entirely, instead acting as if BMW intentionally made the M6 heavier just to see if they could master the "engineering exercise" of also making it handle well. Weight is considered the enemy of performance but the M6 rockets from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and has a near perfect 50.9/49.1% weight distribution. If you can make a grand touring car that has all the comfort and technology you could ever want while providing more performance then you can use on the street does the weight really matter?

I for one argue that it does not. The M6 is not a race car, it is a grand touring machine that is as much about style as it is performance and gives the driver generous helping of both. What do you think, does the weight of the M6 matter if it goes like hell?
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