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Honestly, if I thought I could have found an ATS 2.0 Premium with manual to drive, I would have waited before ordering my F30. With the magnetic ride and turbo 4 I have a feeling the ATS would be even closer, if not better, than the F30. I trust Karl Brauer's assessment in his review as I've been reading his work for over 10 years. I get where he's coming from and if he sees the ATS as a hair behind the 3, he's probably right. He's handled more awesome cars in his life than most of us will ever dream of touching. Given the feature of the ATS and the way Caddy supports their CTS, the ATS will undoubtedly be a steal compared to the 3. An ATS-V will surely be a beast...for much less than the next M3.

No matter now, my F30 is built and enroute. But gotta say BMW hooked me in with the various discounts on the BMW now and my familiarity with the brand. Next time...I will give the ATS a shot just like MB, Audi, Infiniti got a shot this time.

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