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Originally Posted by Chris90 View Post
When do Nissans ever lose weight? They get fatter and more complex with each generation. The next G will be no different. I also don't think Infiniti has much of a name - people buy them cause they're good value for the money, rather than for the prestige or outright performance.

Aren't they killing off the GTR too? Maybe it just got too fat, they can't make it bigger without pulling small satellites out of orbit.
The 2013 Altima is lighter than its predecessor:

lthough slightly longer and wider than before, the new Altima is no fat Elvis: It's lost weight. Our nearly loaded SL 2.5-liter four-cylinder model weighed 3102 pounds, an impressive 124 pounds less than the last four-cylinder Altima we tested. The trunk, hood, and roof are now aluminum, and the body uses more high-strength steel to cancel out the modest increase in size. The wheelbase is unchanged, but the added width makes for extra shoulder room in the larger cabin.
Thanks to other weight-saving measures throughout the car, Nissan says the Altima has lost weight and is now the lightest car in its segment as little as 3,108 pounds. Even the top-spec SL V6 tips the scales at just 3,355 pounds, which company officials gleefully point out is lighter than all rivals even those packing two fewer cylinders. Thus, even though Nissan has taken a pass on forced induction and direct injection, it still claims best-in-class performance and fuel economy.
And it's wildly more efficient, while also being faster than its competition.

Buying for prestige,'re on a freaking BMW forum. There's no prestige in the BMW name. Not sure why people wander around acting like BMW is some unattainable vehicle. The 3 series owner has a median household income of 140k. The 3 series is the 6th best selling car in car crazy southern California. It's more common for a 3 series to leave a dealer lot than a Ford Escort in So Cal. If you want something with prestige you're looking in the rare space reserved by Ferrari, Lambo, Rolls. BMW is not in that world. It's a big, common car company. Yeah, some clown driving a Chevette say, "Ohhh, BMW" but right next to the 3 are 5 SUVs that cost just as much and the soccer moms driving them think nothing of the BMW or the cost comparison.

As for performance, the loaded 42k G37 Sport, that's 6 years old, will stand toe to toe with the 335i. For comparable equipment that 335i's gonna have to be pushed up well above 50k.

I like BMWs, but I can't blindly support the brand or make false claims about the brand v. competitors. The G, especially for its age, is a helluva performer. If I could get over the massive length/weight and the coarse V6, it's a better car dollar for dollar than the 328i and nearly as good as the 335i. The first gen G35 was a good deal behind the e46. Second gen G37 was closer to the 3 series, while the e90 became a worse 3 series. As the F30 has taken another step back in terms of steering/roadfeel, while also growing (yet again), it seems the the G has the door wide open for its next gen. The G has continually improved, so it seems to follow the next gen G will match (or maybe eclipse) the F30 in performance. Dollar for dollar it seems almost a given it'll be a much better buy.

I've Had 3 BMWs and 4 is on the way. I like the way BMWs feel but trust me I wish I could like the G to pull the trigger as it's just better made and will be cheaper to keep running longterm. The heart wins over logic...

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