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My sensor and stalk have been delivered, I've got part numbers for both additional wiring harnesses (although I think only one is necessary... TBC!) and I have the retrofit instructions and wiring diagrams to hand. All I need now is some time to fit it, but thanks to the bloody Olympics that won't happen till at least September !!!!!!!!

So the bumper needs to come off and a replacement wiring harness needs to be fitted. As far as I can tell, this just replaces the one that's already there, with the PDC sensors, horn and fog light connectors, the new one just has the additional connector for the ACC sensor. Seems a bit OTT to fit a whole new harness (not to mention expensive and potentially difficult to source). The other harness comprises the extra wiring which goes to the CAS and fuse panel in the glovebox, then extends forward through the engine bay to the front bumper harness. I think these two harnesses are going to be difficult to get hold of as they're both part of the retrofit kit and I don't think dealers are keen on splitting them from the kit. Fortunately I have a friend who used to work at a dealership and is still on good terms with the Parts Manager.... goes without saying, I'll be taking orders for anyone else on the forum who needs one.

One thing worries me - there is no retrofit kit listed for vehicles past March 2005. Mine's a November 2006 car

While the bumper's off, I'll be fitting better angel eye lights and cleaning out the filters for the windscreen jets.
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