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Originally Posted by downhiller View Post
sounds like it not getting enough fuel. so first check would be the cps, then fuel pressure test.
Originally Posted by Notmee View Post
Thank you downhiller I did it came shooting out lol, and not to sound stupid but what is cps? But

ok I got it down to this, when you leave the car until it is outside temp ( Which I am in Detroit area ) it starts up no problem, but if I go back out half hour hour later it will not start back up again. Until it is cold down. Then starts right up like it should and runs good, The people that had it before me said they changed the head. I can see new nuts on top of the valve cover and thats about it for visual on the head change. So what I am thinking is me and my kid are going to do some digging into the engine and see if everything is at least timed right.
What you have there my friend is an E21 not an E30, the E21 is the generation before the E30.

Is your car carbed or electronic fuel injection? it is probably a carby in that age, which means that it is possibly not tuned in a long while and is running lean.
If its EFI, then cps which means crank position sensor could be faulty and not firing the injectors at the right time. they can be sensitive to heat with age. remember its over 30 years old now. It could also be the fuel pressure regulator.

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