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Originally Posted by berford View Post
Well, now that FIA seems to have finally figured out why RB has been so dominant for the last 2 1/2 years, they're apparently reluctant to continue to cheat at the moment. I'd argue that they should relinquish their championships.

No doubt, Vettel is a good driver...but I've contended all along that he's not a great driver...despite all his points. He's all car, and if FIA looks closely at RB (as they should), I think they'll find that the car/team is tainted by lack of adherence to the regs. And now that he isn't winning every race, he's acting like such a cry baby.
Christian Horner said something I agree with to the affect of " there is no rule regarding the spirit of the rules. There is only what the rules actually say." I agree with this. It is every teams job, if they want to win, to exploit every loophole they can. The engine mapping fits this situation; even though the teams had agreed not to, RBR found a way to exploit the wording of the rule. Immoral maybe; illegal no. It's the same as Renault's Mass Damper in 03 and ferrari's flexi floor in 08; they found a loophole and forced the FiA to " clarify" the rule.
Adjusting the ride height is a different situation. There is a very specific rule regarding not being allowed to change the ride height once the car is in parc ferme (start of qualifying). If they were indeed doing that, it's not creatively interpreting the rules, it's just plain cheating.

On the coverage of the German GP, Steve Matchett said he thought RBR might have changed their engine map before the race to avoid any suggestion of impropriety. Wouldn't that have been a violation of parc ferme regulations?

One thing is for certain, whether because they're being watched closely, or the other teams have caught up, RBR is not having it their way this year. I would agree that Vettel is a better than average driver who has been flattered by an excellent car. Similar to Damon Hill and Jaques Villeneuve.

I would think that of all the current drivers, only Alonso and Schumi in his prime could be where Alonso is with the F2012.
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