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Originally Posted by AWCoupe View Post
Now that is really good info NewBMWownr. You are spot on with those specs. A full evacuate and re-charge of refrigerant took exactly 1.3lbs. It's right on the repair invoice. Good stuff. Are u a tech? I am really tempted to print out your response and bring it down to the dealership and give it to my SA when I go back in a few weeks. An evaporator question for those in the know regarding the location: Is it behind the dash on an E92 coupe? I have the Bentley service manual for the car and there is an exploded diagram of the whole system under the caption- A/C components in the engine compartment.
Evaporator is shown. Maybe I can scan that and post it up.
Happy to help. Regarding your question on the evaporator location: It's in the assembly that contains the blower motor (generally located behind the center console in the car) (Bentley Page 640-16 and 640-18, first picture). Hard to see but in the -18 picture you can see what appear to be 2 tubes and also 2 fittings at the left of the illustration. The tubes are for the heater core and the fittings are for the evaporator. The comment in the Bentley manual about components in the engine compartment is incorrect relative to the evaporator. The rest of the components are indeed in the engine compartment.

In your case, it's possible that you're experiencing a normal amount of leakage. No system is 100% leak free. Given the relatively small amount of refrigerant to begin with, a very small leak over a long enough time will cause performance issues. I'd ask the dealer what their experience rate (how many, at what age of car, etc.) is for e9x's coming in for A/C recharges and then send an email to Mike Miller at Roundel and see if he has a thought on the matter. Fortunately or unfortunately, time will tell if you have a substantial leak.

EDIT: 7 weeks of holding a charge is indicative of a big (relatively) leak. I'd be hammering them to do a proper diagnosis. That level of leak should easily be detected with the right equipment and a properly trained technician.

My background is aircraft maintenance but I'm one of those people who likes to DIY. One thing about aircraft maintenance is that they pound us techs to follow the procedure, so I tend to be fairly structured about doing it the right way, hence all the detail. I am EPA 608 (home AC) and 609 (Automotive) certified, pretty much because I'm obsessed with having a cool house and cool cars.

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