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Computer (I-Drive) codes

Originally Posted by Marathon Man View Post
I am no expert on this issue but these days everything is controlled by a computer, not by a simple button and fuse. If you search for "coding" you will find that this can be done by changing a small thing in the computer system. It is not really changing computer code but is instead just changing that feature to Not Active or actually Nicht Acktiv in German. Or you can set it to remember the last mode it was in, either off or on, from the last time you drove. I haven't done this yet but I am ready to do it when my new X3 arrives.
Marathon Man - I too would like to reset some of the computer coding - to include the ability to set the auto stop feature to remember the last setting. Do you have any info on HOW the codes can be reset. One thing I would LOVE to set is the ability to have ALL the doors unlock automatically when the engine is turned off! My old Passat did that and I loved it!
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