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I already have the BMW Online enabled but do not have Internet. Using the parameters below for Online Browser, I now get the additional option 'Internet' in Connected Drive. I only needed to change the Online_Browser to 03 for this to take effect (nothing else).
BMW online still works fine, no issues there.
Trying out Internet gives the error 'Not available for your country'

Can you guide which exact settings I need to change to get this to work? where do I code the telematik_vin and to what value?

I don't think I need to modify the VO, but please advise.

I was browsing through the parameters and there are many settings for Data Networking and Bluetooth networking, DUN and PAN profiles. Would I need to modify these as well?

Any help would be much appreciated.

My car is UK 2012 June F10 with Professional SatNav. I have the BMW Assist pack but not Internet.

Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
I have read extensively on this, and I have tried getting BMW Live working on my F10 with no success. I know it is possible though, as the Professional Retrofitters offer it. In any event, my understanding is that the two, BMW Assist and BMW Live (Internet), can not coexist. It's one or the other. The BMW Live (Internet) is better in that you get Google Street View, Google Panoramio, and the Web Browser; however, since Google Send-To is part of BMW Assist, if you replace BMW Assist with BMW Live you, you loose that functionality. Other than that, I don't see any downside, and the upside, besides the advanced functionality, is you can save 150 per year.

You can start by coding the following and see what you get:


ONLINE_SERVICES = aktiv / Werte=01
ONLINE_BROWSER = beide_aktiv / Werte=03 - Adds "BMW Online" and "Internet" under ConnectedDrive=>BMW Assist
ONLINE_BROWSER_LIVE = aktiv / Werte=01 - Replaces "BMW Online" with "BMW Live" under ConnectedDrive=>BMW Assist.

This is for an F10, so other chassis coding may differ slightly.

If that does not work, I believe you will have to remove BMW Assist related services (presumably SA612) from the VO, and recode the CIC based on the modified VO.

If it seems to be working, but the Internet screen says it is not available in your country, I believe you will need to code the VIN of an "allowed" country into Combox, and in the Combox set TELEMATIK_VIN=coding_vin, which tells the Combox which VIN number to use, either the one coded or the one found on the MOST BUS (i.e. the car's).

In summary, BMW Live can be enabled, but BMW Assist needs to be removed, but without removing Bluetooth, and the Combox VIN needs to be from a country authorized to utilize the BMW Live Servers / Portal.

The problem for U.S. cars, we don't have SA612 for Assist, rather we have SA639 (BMW Assist with Bluetooth), and if you remove SA639, you also loose Bluetooth. I am not sure how to remove Assist, and add just Bluetooth. I will play around with it some more though and see if I can figure it out. Let me know if you are able to get yours working, and if so, how.
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