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Turbo lag and wastegate software "fix"

Hey all,

Short version: Is there a chip or tuning option I have that can get rid of the software-induced turbo lag where BMW is now keeping wastegates open so they don't rattle?

More details: A while back I noticed that I was getting turbo lag until 2500 rpm, and when I bought the car it was almost non-existant (1100 ish?). I had the car in for something else today and asked and it winds up, when they did some recall they automatically updated my software to include this "fix". It really pisses me off and I'm told there is no way to revert back (even if I was willing to pay for a software change since I am out of warranty). They have fundamentally changed the car from how I purchased it.

But short of selling the car, I thought I'd see if there's a tuning option?
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