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Hi Guys

Just a update on my x3 3.0d 2007 model. There was a huge leak from the middle of the car around where the transmission is when ever the car was parked on a incline. The oil that leaked wasnt red as the ATF but black. Had the car in to get the front Diff, Transfer case and ATF oil replaced with a new filter and seems like the tranny was leaking oil which has been fixed.

With the oil change the car is so much smother when it comes to gear changes. During the diagnostics there were errors for 2 glow plugs and the glow plug control unit, DPF error as well. The mechanic recommended that i get the oil changed with a new filter and PCV value as well as that might resolve the DPF error. After i bought the car i noticed at cold starts when i start it up and drive it around and say i stop at a light for a minute after about 30 seconds with the gear on D and my foot on the brake the engine starts vibrating a lot as much as shaking the car and when i let go of the brake and just let the car roll on D the car is very jerky until i accelerate and the vibration goes away. The mechanic that i took the car to said that i could be related to the PCV value again. Another mechanic i took it to told me that one of the Injectors isnt working and that is what it might be.

Any hints on this issue guys??? I am seriously considering selling this as the repair bill here in australia are huge for these things. SO far i have been quoted $1000 for the PCV value, oil, filter replacement, IF its the DPF then another $2000 and if its the injector with the glow plugs at $2400, Glow plug replacement alone would cols around $700.

Any hints on this issue guys??? or should i just trade it in for a brand new Toyota that i know would las tme a life time with no issues...
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