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Interested in your opinion on what's reasonable here...

Hi Gang,

Iím the owner of the 2011 BMW X5 SAV. A couple of months ago the sunroof wind deflector support cracked - I booked time at BMW Nashville and my car went in for the repair. At the end of the day I was called and told that the required part was not in stock and it would be ordered so I picked my car up. No problem.

I was not called back about the part. No big deal.

A couple of months later I reached the 15k mile service notification so again booked my car in and asked if the sunroof part was in. Apparently it was so I took my car in on Friday June 20th. At the end of the day I was called and told that the car was not going to be ready and so a loaner would be made available Ė a BMW 328. Since then Iíve either been called or, more frequently, Iíve had to call BMW Nashville every day to get an update and have been told that the car may be ready by the end of the day but to wait for a call confirming that. Iíve never been called and told that itís finished.

And I believe Iíve had every excuse now: On Thursday last week I was told that the mechanic working on the car had injured his back and could not work on the car. No other mechanic could work on the car as they wouldnít know how much progress had been made. I was apologised to and advised that the car would be detailed and delivered back to me as soon as it was completed on Friday. I called on the Friday and was advised that the mechanic didnít show up for work so the car wasnít fixed, and then it was the weekendÖ

On Monday I left a message asking about the state of the car. I was called back on Tuesday, yesterday, with no excuses just that the car might be ready but that I shouldnít turn up until Iíve heard confirmation. I didnít get a confirmation call. No oneís called me today so I called and left a message. Iím going to assume that the car isnít ready but, again, no oneís called me back.

Itís been 13 days now. I think we exceeded whatís reasonable after three working days. After 5 working days BMW offered to detail and deliver the car. A detail would be required anyway as no doubt the mechanic has needed to step all over the interior and exterior of the car, so thatís not really much of a offer in my opinion.

Yesterday I suggested that they replace a front tyre with a Bridgestone RFT (no spare) as a fair level of compensation but was turned down.

I'm not out to be a whiner - I really just want my car back but the extremely casual approach and poor level of information is very aggravating.

In Nashville there is only 1 BMW dealer so I don't have the option to go elsewhere. And to add to the story I needed a dashboard module to be replaced back in November last year and much of the same happened - for the most part I had to call for updates and was told, almost daily, that the car would be ready but not to show up until I had confirmation. That repair took 12 days.

So I'm approaching a month where I've had a 1series and 3 series loaners but have been paying for an X5 SAV.

So, in your opinion, what's reasonable here?

Thanks for your feedback,

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