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Originally Posted by Dudar228 View Post
I did and thanx ard. I found a post about using the odometer reset button to open up a reset function for the brake fluid, oil, etc. It didn't work! I went back to my mechanic and he used his computer to reset it. Said that's the only way to do it. As I recall BMW has the oil change interval set at 10,000 miles, I think that's way too long and like to change every six-thousand or so.

A mechanic being wrong... wow, shocker.

BMW uses an algorithm to decide, and this turns out to be 15 to 20,000...not 10k!!

The algorithm used to be purely "fuel consumption" in total liters. Some believe there is a special 'oil quality sensor', but it's actual capabilities in terms of what it ACTUALLY does (as opposed to fluff stories about advanced technology) is not known.

I do mine every 7500.
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