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Originally Posted by mjbennett9 View Post
Anyone have any leaking after changing the diff fluid? Man I swear. I have had no luck wiht this car. CCV, ICV, plugs, o2, ABS trifecta, brakes, window, door weather seal. lol. I was looking under the car at diff, after trip to Boston to see how things were holding up. I am not 100%, but pretty sure it was dry as the fill plug. but there's some shiny film near drain plug. Upon closer examination, I think it's coming from teh dif itself (a seal maybe). Hard to see in pic, but darker area is teh fluid. Just like the trainy, I guess one should not mess with things like that if they don't know the history. It was till I messed with it. :-) I don't think it can be overfilled as it leaks out when full. Anyway, anyone run into this before? Any DIY to fix it? Maybe it's nothing (I can only wish). I guess I can try to fill it up again this weekend and see how much it takes to see if it really is leaking. Well, it has to be leaking if wet there. I sprayed it a lot with brake cleaner last night. either the cleaner is still there, or it never cleaned off the oil. Maybe I should use a rag to clean it all off to be 100% it's not just a stubborn oil spot. :-)
That doesn't look like it's coming from the drain plug. More like the half shaft output above it.

My service manual has a procedue for renewing that flange seal.

Have you changed your diff oil to see how much is left in there?

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