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I bought a 2011 x5 5.0i from the dealership in early July with 900 miles on it. About 500 miles later I began noticing this "whirring" sound that seems to emit from the glovebox area. Initially I thought it was a failing hard drive for the nav system but then came upon this thread. The sound does not come on initially when I start the car, but rather soon after I start driving it. It stays on independent of whether or not the a/c is on or off. It sounds a bit like a muted dustbuster vacuum, does not seems to get worse or better depending on engine rpm, is present at idle, and once it comes on does not shut off. I went for a drive with the mechanic and he acknowledged "what is that, it seems awful loud" but denied it could be the hard drive as he says it is located in the center console. Stated it may be something with the climate control system.

Anyhow, after discovering this thread I have been harping on the dealership to fix the oil pump. The head of service is now denying that there is any sound despite the fact that his employee acknowledged it when I drove with him as described above. They keep telling me to come and pick up the car, but I am refusing to do so until they fix the oil pump. The sound is annoying and unacceptable for a car of this caliber, IMO. However, not only has the head of service refused to acknowledge the noise, it does not appear that he has put any effort into identifying its source despite me supplying him with links to this thread and others on describing what appears to be an identical problem.

I have brought this to the attention to the manager of the dealership and he is going to look into it on Monday, assuring me that he will have it taken care of. Nevertheless, I will refuse to pickup the car until they resolve this problem. It has now been at the dealership for over 10 days. I would appreciate some input from those who have dealt with this issue. Thanks.
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