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Originally Posted by jgroarke View Post
Sorry to protract this thread, but is the above true for any country? I know in certain countries the configurations are different.

I'm in the UK and have an M Sport, and I've absolutely convinced myself that selecting sport mode alters the suspension!! Sure the driving and gear shifts are there, but I tried weaving around (!) on an open road after selecting SPORT ... maybe my imagination is over-reacting?

As an aside, I noted the picture above and took similar of the INSIDE of my wheel arch (is that the right place?). I don't see as much tech, but something looking like an input to the suspension?

Furthermore, on the console display when I select sport, it does say "Chassis and Drivetrain" as altered. Surely the chassis is the suspension (as opposed to the drivetrain being the gearing, and the steering not mentioned because you have no choice to configure)?

Any thoughts welcomed :-)

Hard to tell from that picture, but the adjusters are an obvious protrusion from the front strut/rear shock body.

You are giving BMW too much credit with the idrive settings. AFAIK, they don't have different screens for the optional equipment - and steering would certainly be considered "chassis" anyway.

I don't know about option dependencies and packages in other countries, but I'd imagine you'd know if you paid for adjustable dampers. BMW isn't giving anything away for free....
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