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Originally Posted by gspannu View Post
@shawnsheridan : Thank you for your response and help much appreciated

I'll try & explain my situation a bit more clearly.

I have a UK model F10 with following features:

BMW Navigation Media Professional Plus : Package Option ZGP
This includes (as factory fitted for UK)
  • BMW Navigation Professional: Option 609
  • Head Up Display: Option 610
  • BMW Assist: Option 612
  • BMW Assist Online Option: 616
  • Voice Control: Option 620
  • Bluetooth Prep phone + telematics: Option 633
The Internet Option in UK is sold under Option 614 (called Internet). I do not have this option.

This means (I think!) that my VIN should be able to receive BMW Live (or Internet Option 614) along with BMW Assist as both features are available in UK.
I chose not to have the Internet as my build option - but I have confirmed that one can choose BMW Assist, BMW Assist Online and Internet - all options together in UK. (Option 609 + 612 + 616 and 614)

I currently see the option BMW Online in my Connected Drive menu.
I then do the following: HU_CIC, 3003 TELEFON_TELEMATIK_ONLINE: ONLINE_BROWSER = beide_aktiv / Werte=03
Now I see an additional option Internet in my Connected Drive menu.

When I select the Internet option, I get the error 'Not available for your country' but the BMW Online option & other Assist Options work fine.


1. Would I still need a separate VIN and do I now need to code the VIN or can I leave it to its default value of MOST_VIN / Werte=00

2. Anything else you suggest to try and make this work?

3. Do I need to add Option 614 (Internet) to my VO. I have not done VO before and am a bit nervous. How would I go about doing this bit (if absolutely required)?

I think you are confusing two different things:

S614A Internet - Internet straight from BMW using the car's telematics and data plan.
S6ALA BMW Live - BMW Online with Internet using your cell phone's Bluetooth and your cell carrier's data plan.

The subject of this thread is Bluetooth Internet, i.e. 6AL BMW Live.

Since I do not know if BMW Live (not Internet) is available in the UK, I don't know if you need go though the process of assigning a different VIN# to your Combox.

As for altering your VO, no, it's never necessary so long as you know every required FDL Code in every affected module in order to support what you are trying to do. Coding based on the VO though greatly simplifies things as you can code an entire module at once without individually FDL coding every needed parameter.

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