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Originally Posted by dprater2008 View Post
@ bmw mania, so your saying that the non vanos engines can make 300hp with f/i without doing anything to the engine? the more i think about it i do feel like boosting it. because i dont plan on trying to get it out before winter this year so, i kind of am planning to do it over the this winter. Is anyone familiar with tokico shocks? there is a kit i found for like $300 im not going to be racing on a track or anything, so they seem to be reasonable for backroads or daily driving. Veteran011 what is swirl removal? i was told that drilled and slotted rotors arent good for daily driving. i kind of wanted to go with drilled and slotted because if i do want to drive fast i dont want to worry about them warping. would i benefit from running wider tires handleing wise?

It all takes work, prater.. all of it.

The NON Vanos motors are capable of 300hp.

Yes, you WILL have to do work on the motor.. "when" is up to you.
If you take your time.. and go easy.. It will last you a while.
OR just go apesh!t the first time out 12psi

Boost it, Blow it, Re-Build it... Make it bulletproof.
By then.. you will have ironed out all your kinks in your system.

And.. Ill keep repeating this one..
DO NOT put CHINESE crap on a GERMAN car.
You dont put soy sauce on bratwurst.. Or, Sauerkraut on fried rice.

Handling wise.. Its not about your "tires".
Do maintenance.
Check suspension.. bushings.. replace if necessary.
Then, start asking opinions on tires... until then.. your rolling on pizza cutters for a reason.
Note: Springs AND Shocks work TOGETHER..
Example: for country back roads.. Bilstein HD & Stock Springs.
Paint swirls? Learn how to color sand.

Drilled and Slotted..? WTF?
Unless this is your designated track car.. NO..
And, even then.. WTF? NO.
Warping? Proper braking will eliminate that.. NOT your type of rotor.

Please do some homework on brake systems. READ. READ. READ.
Cross drilled anything is suspect..
A lot of them are blanks drilled by some jackass in LA trying to turn a fast buck.

Best bet for brakes..
Get quality rotors.. brembo, zimmerman, EBC, whatever..
Cross drilled rotors are to lighten the rotating mass and vent brake gases..
Slotted rotors shave off a bit of the pad, and vent brake gases..
Cross drilled & Slotted rotors are pointless for everyday driving.
(unless all you do all day is stop from 200mph, and replace your brakes)
Quality BLANKS (not drilled or slotted) give you more braking surface... get the hint?

Serious.. the E36 brakes are badass.. They made em right.
If yours are tip-top, you have good fluid, good pads, good rotors, and if you know how to brake;
there isnt much that is going to stop you quicker.

In the mean time.. resurface the ones you have.. (you can get them cross drilled, if you want )

The brakes on the E36 were designed to stop the car on the AUTOBAHN from 150mph.
They are more than sufficient for normal driving in the USA.
If you want to IMPROVE your braking:
BUY GREAT PADS, braided lines, better rotors, rebuild your calipers, flush brake fluid
and replace it with the best brake fluid you can find.
(and if you want to do M3 brake swap.. its the same)

And you dont have to do all four corners at once if you cant afford it.
space it out.. do the front brakes one weekend.. do the rears the other.
just make sure you budget accordingly.. buy complete. NOT HALF ASSED.
Whatever you think its going to cost.. DOUBLE IT.
However long you think its going to take.. TRIPLE IT.
That way.. when you come in under budget, and ahead of schedule.. YOUVE DONE IT RIGHT.


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I don't have to read the username on these posts to know who wrote it.

Bmw-Mania, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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