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1). Is the 740 drive train slow? BMW says 0-60 5.6 this downhill with a 20 mph tail wind and 110 octane or are these numbers real?

No one has driven these cars in production, other than journalists. The engine in both are heavily changed or modified from the prior model years. Most people think the new 740 engine is (or seems) less powerful, if more fuel efficient than the old, given the experience of that engine in the F10. The 750 engine seems to be better all round, economically and power wise. Both cars also went to 8 speed trannies, so that should be beneficial.

2). Does anybody have any data on the 2013 750Li fuel efficiency...driving 80 mph with AC on, flat conditions limited head wind?

See the answer above.

3). I had a 2011 M3-the manual claimed i was electronically limited at 155 mph but I hit 176 mph on the autobahn. What is the difference in the electronic limits of non-MSport vs MSport? I am teetering on MSport-while I like the front end better visually of the MSport, you lose the fog lights and I'm not sure how much faster you can go (BMW claims non MSport limited at 149). The extra $$$ may be worth driving for a week with opportunity to hit 170 mph + on an open autobahn at 6 AM.

BMW speedometers are optimistic. That is due to legislation that your indicated reading can't be more than the actual one - so they sandbag it. I doubt the Msport top speed is much different from that of the normal car. My non M-sport car showed >140mph, so it was not limited to 128mph like some other models.

4. How noticeable is the ARS in a mountain driving/freeway on ramp situation?

It was very noticeable on my E60 (positively). Others can chime in for the F01/02.
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