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Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
never used a digital read out pressure head, so i do not know how they operate other than resistance through a pressure sensor. not a big fan of that, really....

anyway, the vac leak will be a big factor at both the fpr and the other elbow. fix them and plug everything back in.

is the fpr wet at the vac nipple?? if so, replace the fpr. but most pfr fail and puch the fuel pressure higher on bmw's from my experience. not that they don't also leak, but if not leaky and fuel pressure out of spec up high, it would be my first suspect.

as for teh footwear.....

i forget, have you looked at the plugs??

cleaned the throttle plate, iac??


Thanks for all the help DF!!

Fixed both Vac lines, and started it. Again it would idle for different measurements of time lol. One time would start with a higher idle and go down. Next time would be a little lower idle. Both times it died. Like before after a few turns of this I cannot start it, guessing it's still flooding itself.

Tomorrow I'm going to try another fuel pressure gauge if I can get my hands on one. Either way it's still weird for it to keep building pressure as I turn the key on and off, like the pump is dying but Idk.

FPR was not wet that I noticed, I have been leaning towards that being an issue though. Any way to test it?

Another note for tomorrow, going to try cleaning the MAF. What's the best/easiest way to check for vac leaks? Where is the iac? Haven't cleaned anything yet.

Also, no on the plugs, I should have pulled them as I suspect they were pretty wet. I bought new ones today. Tomorrow should be more conclusive.

Cliffs for tomorrow:

New plugs
Clean MAF
Check for more vac leaks
Test fuel pressure again
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