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Question Trying to Diagnose a few issues.

I bought a 2004 x3 3.0 back in July of 2009. Seemed to run ok, but after a couple weeks my SES light turned on. Ever since then it has been on and I keep on getting different codes and issues with the car.

To start: Idle rpms would move from about 1000 to about 2500, then drop and start all over. I assumed vacum leak. Saw that the small hoes comming off my intake book was almost broken in half, replaced entire intake boot and that seemed to solve that problem. ow I am getting codes for to lean bank 1 & 2, rough idle, sluggish performance, rmp higher than expected, and multiple misfire codes. My average mpg is about 16 city right now according to the car, but I dont know how accurate that is. Also, as far as I am aware, there is no white smoke comming from my tailpipe or blue smoke, but there is oil on the head of 1 of my spark plugs, I beleive the #3 cylinder.

After reading a bunch of posts and threads I am thinking it could be a bad or failing oil separator. I live in Denver CO so it gets pretty cold here in the winter. Usually my trips to work 5 days a week are 30min or less, with shorter drives to the store mixed in. Would the faulty separator cause all of these issues, or most of them. I want to get this fixed without spending a bunch of money.

Any help is appreciated thanks!!
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