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Originally Posted by johntrhodes81 View Post
The one comment I would make about these convoys is that if they get large it can be difficult to stick together. What happens is that the cars at the end of the pack have to drive a lot faster to catch back up and tighten up the convoy. It is helpful for the leader to set the speed at the speed limit until the group gets back together on the freeway so the people at the end don't have to drive ridiculously over the speed limit to catch up (and even then if the leader keeps it only a few mph over it is easier for the group to stick together). This was a problem last year. Not trying to be a granny driver, I just want to keep this thing safe.

Just my 2 cents,
Welcome to the world of caravans. I'm willing to meet up with a relatively large caravan. I was part of this caravan in San Diego last year and it's gotten so good that they get police escorts towards the end. When the cops figure out the time a caravan passes they get set and what they immediately look for (just like Cali) is that front plate. A nice leader with the bimmers trailing at a nice speed is usually trouble free (zebras sticking to the same pace). When one wants to race the little 350Z that wants to show out the bimmers, that's when trouble usually begin. 2-way radios with a few radar/laser detectors (though illegal)keep eveyone calm. Not saying i'm setting this up, but I wouldnt mind rolling with a caravan because it's just not as fun going alone.

This was an AWESOME caravan!
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