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i know that it all take works and lots of it. i just took it as you meant you can put a turbo kit on it without doing anything to the internals and get 300 without it blowing up. im sure you could but how long would it last?mi appreciate all the tips and what not, and i dont mean to ask stupid questions, because i am not dumb. this is my first bmw and the car has been at my dads which in a different state at the moment, so i am just limited to the computer when it comes to looking at things, so im still learning and it seems that their is alot to learn, more than just your average car. ive decided that first thing i am doing is cooling system overhaul i found a kit does that price sound about right? following that is changing all the fluids, oil, tranny, and diff. then a slave cylinder rebuild to see if that takes care of the clutch dragging. that kit on ebay seems legit to me and i diddnt see any soy sauce in there lol. from now on i will not even look at anything that sounds japenese for my car haha. thanks again. one more thing i am going to go with the bilstien hd shocks and when it comes tme to get them i did want to drop the car maybe an inch to just get rid of the wheel well gap would those work with lowering springs? or would i have to reconsider getting a differnet model of shock???
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