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Originally Posted by filmoreslim View Post
I believe the new escort/passport detector remembers the radar features on your car and ignores them. In CA, the CHP uses Ka band radar on its moving vehicles which helps. Someone mentioned laser detector being a ticket detector...if you are the only car on an open road then this is true, however, the detector works by seeing the laser bounce off other cars and thus if there is traffic ahead of you, you may have a chance to slow down in time.

Anyone have success with one of these laser "shifter" (jammer) systems?
I use a Escort 9500 with laser diffusers, as I start up my car distronic, park distance control will trigger the K band, but after a few minutes, escort learns and the particular K band won't sound the alarm. As you mentioned CHP or LAPD here in So Cal use KA and Laser, KA band is for real. In real world, if the law enforcement is pointing the radar on someone else Escort will pick up and you have a chance to slow down, however on open highway law enforcement may sit with the radar off, as they get a visual on you they will turn it on, and you have no chance.

As for Laser it is car specific, if you are the target, without laser diffusers again you have no chance. If you are hit, the detector will sound off the alarm, but it's too late. BTW laser diffusers are not legal, however there are ways to install the diffusers so one can turn them off with a push of a button, suppose you get hit, and the diffusers do the work, initially laser gun will get a false reading, you will have a few seconds before he aims at you agin, by that time you better slow down as much as possible and turn off the diffusers. Second time around he will read you speed. If you are hauling, it's the difference between getting a serious ticket or court appearance or simply getting away with a speeding ticket.

Hope this helps.
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