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Originally Posted by Bubbs View Post
I drove the X1 today, 28 xDrive. White with black Nevada leather. Premium package. I thought it looked great and the form fit and function looks well thought out. Since it didn't have the technology package, there is a quasi glove compartment filling the void where the display would be. Also, there is a little analog gauge on the dash that shows your mpg as you're driving. It literally bounces all over since driving in the city acceleration changes as conditions do. On the highway it is relatively steady. There was also a digital display that tells you the doesn't react to every change so it is less annoying. Not sure why it has both. The storage area wouldn't fit my golf clubs unless I folded down the rear seats. As far as the drive goes, I found it very responsive and comfortable to drive. The acceleration was good but I thought a little lacking.....until I looked down and noticed I was going 90 mph. I was trying to accelerate from 45 mph to 75 mph and it got there so quickly I didn't realize it. I also accelerated on an on ramp to the highway and it went from 5 mph to 65 mph extremely fast. My impression in the vehicle is more of a sports car than a SAV. It sits low which is nice, but in Syracuse it would be great for our winters and with folding the seats down, you can fit the occasional cargo in there. I'm not sold yet but I liked it.

There are expecting a 35 xDrive in a week so I'll drive that next.
Did you notice how heavy or light it was to turn the steering wheel?
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