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Time for confession. I never thought my flippant comment about 'mama' being a torque addict would ignite this discussion. Actually, I was looking for some advice on flipping the lease. It is true that my wife has always loved powerful cars that sound good. And she drives faster than I usually do. But she does not disable TC and do smoky burn-outs. I do the stupid stuff like disable all the nannies to see what a CTS-V will do. (It wasn't pretty. I came within a few milliseconds of trashing the car. A major dose of humble pie. If you drive a CTS-V or similar monster motor, do not disable TC and stability control unless you are prepared for a total loss of traction at the 1-2 upshift.) The truth is she is having some PTSD. This is the second bad crash she has been in in 10 years (neither was her fault), and this one shook her to her very soul. (The CTS-V was hit from behind and totalled.) We just figured this out about two weeks ago because she was having increasing trouble concentrating, did not want to get up and go to work, and was having anxiety issues. She is now under her doctor's care for the PTSD. Her biggest issues are that the 335i is smaller and lighter than the V, and she feels vulnerable. This was not on the radar when we test drove the 335i 3 months ago. And she wants her life to go back to normal, and the V was normal.

I appreciate the posts on lease swapping services. We may go that route. The Cadillac dealer will flip the BMWFS lease for us if we get another car there. '12 CTS-Vs are marked down $6-7k, may be able to do better than that with my supplier discount. But as much as I enjoyed the CTS-V, I dread the high lease payments and the fuel costs. A poster was correct on 14 mpg city, but we never saw better than 18-19 @ 70 on the highway.

For now, she is going to drive my F150 Lariat SC 4x4, a 5600# tank. We will decide what to do with the 335i later. In the meantime, I'll have some fun with it.
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