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The headlights of this white E-class had become a little pitted and slightly faded over the years. So to freshen it up a bit and change up the look at the same time, I used my lightly smoked / tinted film that I also normally use on the tail lights for these head lights. The film covers up any rock chips, provides a glossy shine, and protects the headlights at the same time. A clear film could provide the same thing, but the owner wanted me to use the smoke / tint film for his car. It's a fairly light shade, so light output isn't really affected, which is a good thing. The owner of this car was from south orange county in Mission Viejo or so and drove out to me in Anaheim Hills to get the work done.

I took some in progress pictures to show you how it looks like from stock to tinted and I also took some pictures of how it looks inside in darker lighting and outside in brighter lighting, to show the differences between the two.


During: Passenger (left) stock - Driver (right) smoked / tinted


-Don Nguyen
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